Professional services$125/hr, ½ hour minimum
Farm Call (over 15 mi from Longmont)$1/mile
Professional phone consultation$75/hr
Veterinary feed directive (VFD)*$25/VFD
Health certificate*$50/paper/VFD
Emergency/Urgent Care Fee$100

Bov-Eye Veterinary Services offers a wide variety of services for both beef and dairy cattle operations. Although not limited to these areas, these are services Dr. Whitman provides routinely:

  • Vaccination/management protocols
  • Worker training
  • Calf care
  • Sick cow management
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Processing/vaccination of calves
  • Minor surgical procedures (castration, dehorning, hernia, c-section, DA)
  • Pregnancy diagnosis-palpation. Ultrasound, blood-based
  • Breeding soundness examination
  • Necropsy and diagnostics
  • Disease outbreak consultation
  • Euthanasia

For small ruminants and swine, BVS is happy to provide similar services to what we routinely provide for cattle. Dr. Whitman has experience with all species, but won’t hesitate to consult experts from across the country to address your needs.

Preventative health and herd management is the focus of BVS, but emergency services are available. Whether you have 1 or 1 of many, we’ll be glad to help. Let us know what services you need or what questions you have, and BVS will get it figured out for your operation. Call today to find out more!