Professional services$125/hr, ½ hour minimum
Farm Call (over 15 mi from Longmont)$1/mile
Professional phone consultation$75/hr
Prescription fee*$25/prescription
Health certificate*$50/paper
EIA/Coggins test$50/hd
Emergency/Urgent Care Fee$100
Emergency phone consult for referralNo charge

Annual equine preventatives:

Dental prophylaxis (float)$125/hd
Health Exam$30
Core vaccine combo (Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, WNV, Rabies)$50
Tetanus only$15
Fecal float$20

Vaccine recommendations are based upon American Association of Equine Practitioners guidelines. Other vaccinations for specific risks (influenza, rhino, strangles) can be ordered on an as needed basis.

Most services for equine patients can be provided on an hourly basis if not listed on the annual preventatives list. Additional services provided include:

  • Vaccination/management protocols
  • Specialty referrals
  • Lameness evaluation (no radiographs)
  • Minor elective surgeries
  • Medical colic
  • Wound repair/care
  • Sedation
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Nutritional consultation
  • End of life evaluation