Will provide services for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and camelids. Please call for any other livestock species request.
We reserve the right to refuse service if a facility is determined to be unsafe or unsuitable for the requested tasks. We are happy to provide referral services for additional needs.

General health exams and medical treatment
Processing any age group
Regulatory medicine
Nutrition consultation
Obstetrical services
Pregnancy diagnosis-manual, ultrasound, blood diagnostics
Neonatal care
Lameness evaluation and treatment
Bovine breeding soundness exams
Routine surgery (castration, dehorn, cancer eye, LDA/RDA, reproductive)
Prescriptions and VFDs (exam required to establish VCPR)
Worker training
Production planning, data analysis, and consultation

Please call for any other services needed that are not mentioned here. At BVS, we strive to make sure you’re needs are met, and we’ll use all available resources to do so.